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Our Approach

We help our fellows because it helps us in our own recovery. Nothing provides a better defense against relapse than intensive work with other alcoholics and addicts, it is the 12th step. So, we perform 12 step work every day to help ourselves and our fellows. We never charge for our 12 step work. Anyone can attend our meetings and obtain a qualified person to guide them through our program.


However, if one wishes to stay in our recovery skills facility. It only requires him or her to be self-supporting by paying their own living expenses (rent and food). We try to keep our rent at a rate similar to any rooming house environment. At our facility, you will find a precise plan of recovery that works for every person who follows the simple program of action. 


Our Services & Programs

We provide a clean, safe environment to recover. We show other alcoholics/addicts precisely how we have recovered from our seemingly hopeless condition. We provide the needed recovery skills that allow one to be free of addiction and no longer fighting to stay clean. Quite literally, our experience has shown that as we followed a few simple principles the problem, for us, was removed. Sound amazing? It was for us and it will be for you too. Moreover, we assist one in developing a social network (new friends) that supports ongoing sobriety. This is an important component of the recovery model used by Hopper Recovery Centers.


Residents are encouraged to provide mutual support and encouragement for recovery with fellow peers in the house. Those who have been in the house the longest and who have more time in recovery are especially encouraged to provide support to new residents. This type of “giving back” is consistent with the principles of recovery in 12-step groups.


Residents are also encouraged to avoid friends and family who might encourage them to use alcohol and drugs, particularly individuals with whom they have used substances in the past. 


Group Discussions

Regular meetings and recovery program study groups. 

One On One 12 Step Work

We never charge for our 12 Step Recovery Work. 

Clear Cut  Solution 

We follow principles and methods proven to work and we are living proof. 

The Only Requirement Is A Desire To Be Clean 

“The Principles leaned at the Hopper House have worked for me.  I felt helpless when it came to overcoming my addiction the program works. ~ Shannon R. ”

“I have enjoyed a good and rewarding life for 9 years because of the skills and principles I have learned and embraced ~ Chris H.”

“The principles offered through Hopper House are the keystone and footing for my own recovery. I am going on 20 years without any mind altering drugs or alcohol ~ John F.”

We are non-denominational and have one purpose; to help the next alcoholic or addict recover from their suffering. 

Success Stories

A Happy Recovered Life Can Be Yours


6545 GrapeCreekRoad
San Angelo Texas, 76901
Tel: 325-276-1978
211 West 1st Street 
       Apartment          San Angelo Texas, 76903

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