Hopper Recovery Center 


Terms, Conditions and Guidelines


We Do Not Separate Sins

​All persons seeking recovery from addictions are welcome, whether one has a no criminal record, a significant criminal record or is a sex offender. If one means business, it is our belief that no one has sunk too low to receive compassion, guidance and help.


​We live our program of recovery, working our steps, sponsoring others, and remaining drug/alcohol-free. However, the primary purpose of Hopper House is to create an environment and model for one to find a Power Greater than one’s self that will do for him what he cannot do for himself. We are a faith-based recovery house and that means we discuss God. But we do not dictate a specific denomination, group, or religion. Those are matters one decides for himself.

Stay Current ​

It is the responsibility of the client/occupant of Hopper House to review these terms frequently and adhere to any changes or updates made to these terms. 


The words client, occupant, resident are used to describe the person renting a room or wanting to rent a room from Hopper Recovery Center. The words Hopper House, monitor, leader, director, manager, staff, personnel, house, facility are used to describe the Hopper Recovery Center or those working for Hopper Recovery Center and upholding its policies. The words conditions, guidelines, terms, policies, and rules denote the requirements for membership and occupancy at Hopper Recovery Center. 

Program and Housing

​The applicant understands that the Hopper House program and housing are provided solely to adopt skills, attitudes, and abilities to bring about permanent recovery. Your first 15 days in our program is an evaluation period, if there doesn't appear to be a willingness to adopt a new lifestyle you will be asked to leave. Our program, when completed, will allow the occupant to transition to a new, better, and sober life. The objective is to move from old lifestyle patterns and mindsets to a functional, comfortable state of living and being.

Length of Occupancy

​The initial long-term period of stay is three months, at which time, the occupant may request an extension. The Hopper House team works with each resident and will determine if a resident qualifies for an extension.  


​​Guidelines That Must Be Adhered To By Resident​s

​If one has any conflicts with a house leader or other house occupants

Contact: Chris Hopper at 325-276-1978


  • Rent is $140 if paid weekly or rent is $525 if paid monthly.

  • Paid the1st day of every month or each Sunday if weekly.

  • There is a $20.00 late fee if the rent is late. 

  • If one leaves and has paid rent in advance the difference will be refunded on a prorated basis.

Monitoring and Observation

  • Common areas are monitored by security cameras.

  • Common areas are monitored by voice recording.

  • Rooms are NOT monitored.

  • On-site staff consistently monitors behavioral risks and maintains oversight.​


  • Except for elderly and disabled persons, occupants must be gainfully employed.

  • If temporarily unemployed, job search must be reported to staff.

  • Each unemployed occupant is allowed one calendar week to find gainful employment

  • If one has been given a grace period to move in without rent he or she MUST become current within two calendar weeks of the move-in date.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

  • We are responsible for our chores, our dishes, our area, and our house as a whole, inside and out.

  • One must clean his or her living area regularly.

  • We keep the house clean by putting things in their proper place.

  • Inside floors and surfaces are to be protected from spills and clutter.

  • All dishes are to be cleaned immediately.

  • Clean windows and door facing

  • No hoarding 


  • Do not say things about others unless we are certain he or she would approve--unless the person is a danger to themselves or others.

  • No gossip or deliberate character assassination.

  • No cursing, yelling, threats of violence, or any words spoken with the intent to hurt a person emotionally. 

Attitude and Actions

  • We don’t complain, condemn, or criticize.

  • Do not argue or retaliate.

  • Consider your actions and behavior a top priority.

  • Do your best not to offend others.

Participation in Recovery Activities

  • Meetings.

  • Church religious meetings (individual's choice).

  • Group Functions.

  • Helping in the Recovery of Others

  • Occupants are required to get a sponsor and work the 12 steps.

  • In accordance with our 12th step, we are required to sponsor others

Room Inspections.

  • Rooms inspected at staff's discretion.

  • Random inspections will occur.

Setting a Good Example

  • Follow and practice the principles as set for in the book Alcoholics Anonymous e.g. the 12 steps.

  • Personal Hygiene and proper dress.

  • Accept service work whenever asked. 

Be Responsible

  • Payments are to be made as agreed and on time.

  • No trash or cigarette butts on the ground.

  • No Smoking in houses/rooms.

  • Complete at least 10 hours volunteer work per month, if something can be done to make Hopper House cleaner, more inviting, functional or more presentable.​


  • 24-hour notice is required for any guest that a client is wanting to visit and must still be approved by the House leader.

  • With approval, same-gender guests are permitted within permitted hours.

  • Visits can last up to three hours at the house director's discretion and with approval, children are welcomed.

  • Having opposite-gender guests in the house without approval by the director is grounds for immediate termination of your service and occupancy.

  • Once approved there is no need to get further approval for same-gender sponsors or sponsors to visit.


  • The occupant agrees to pay for any damaged or lost property belonging to Hopper House.

  • Occupants must maintain on a best efforts basis all goods and property of Hopper House.

  • Respecting the property of other occupants is required.

  • If any property is left behind after your departure it becomes the property of Hopper House


  • One, operating, up to date and registered personal car or truck permitted.

  • License plate number (up to date).

  • The resident must provide make, model, etc.

  • Don't block the drive.

Abandoned Vehicles 

  • If you vacate and leave a vehicle there is a 100.00 USD per day storage fee charged per vehicle.

  • If a vehicle is left longer than 10 days unattended it will be sold or towed at Hopper House’s discretion.

  • All proceeds will become part of Hopper House property. You will not get any compensation -- No exceptions.


  • Meeting requirements will be provided by staff via text from time to time.

  • On average you are required to attend four recovery meetings (Required Hopper House Meetings: Tuesday 7:00 PM, Thursday 7:00 PM, Saturday 7:00 PM, Sunday 8:30 AM) per week and attend a church/bible study or some other established spiritual group. 

  • After 90 days residency, a resident can begin attending meetings other than Hopper House meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Any meetings attended must not conflict with the original 12 step recovery program. 

  • Missing three required meetings (unless for work or other approved reasons) is grounds for immediate termination of residency

Drugs and Alcohol​ 

  • Any mood or mind-altering substance or prescription is a violation of Hopper House requirements.

  • An exception to the foregoing is any medication prescribed by a doctor and approved by the house leader. 

  • No over-the-counter recreational drugs.

  • No alcohol or illicit drug use of any kind.

  • You agree to random drug/ alcohol tests.

Medications and Supplements 

  • Nutritional supplements such as vitamins, protein powders, and minerals are permitted. 

  • Non-narcotic non-prescription medicines are permitted e.g. most over-the-counter medicines (with approval).

  • Anabolic steroids are not permitted


  • No physical violence.

  • No inconsiderate actions are permitted

  • Any unusual behavior will be addressed promptly. 

  • No verbal violence or threats of violence.


  • No TV or movies beyond PG 13 (respectful decent content).

  • No foul music i.e. dirty language, or music disrespectful to women.

  • No pornography.

  • No violent video games.

  • All websites must be above reproach (clean wholesome content).

  • Dating sites are forbidden.

  • ​No gambling. 


  • No pets or animals unless approved.

  • No indoor fish or rodents unless approved. 

Curfew and overnight stays 

  • All occupants are to be in the house by 11:00 PM.

  • There are two overnight stays permitted in any 30 day period; a 24-hour notice to the house leader is required.

Move out ​

  • Upon determining you are going to move out you must inform the house leader.

  • There will be a room inspection 24 hours prior to departure.

  • If you have an unclean unit you will have the option of cleaning it properly or paying to have it cleaned at a rate of $80.00 


​Occupant has read the Hopper House guidelines for occupancy and agrees to all the terms set forth herein.  The occupant is also aware that any non-compliance to any of these guidelines will cause immediate termination of occupancy. Hopper House is a structured sober living environment and recovery environment. This means adherence to recovery principles, house rules, and other guidelines as may be set forth in this agreement or orally by the Hopper House directors, staff, or monitors. Participation in recovery-related activities is required. Additional curfews may apply under certain circumstances on a case-by-case basis that is determined by the staff of Hopper House at the time of admission and various privileges from time to time may be limited for all or part of the Hopper House residents.