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Meeting Schedule

What's Up

We are so happy you are looking in to our meeting schedule. Our Hopper House meetings are open to anyone wanting to learn more about recovery. We have various meetings. We do believe that it is good for one to have access to more than one brand of recovery. These programs used in combination with one another give one a better grasp on how others have recovered from alcohol and/or other drugs (AOD). We hold meetings several nights of the week and on Sunday morning. Below you will see a list of our meetings. We look forward to seeing you there. 

  • Monday 7:00 PM Drug Addicts Anonymous Recovery Skills Workshop: This is a very thorough 12-step program which is a back-to-basics program. Yet, we include the latest medical, genetic, and brain imaging discoveries which show why the 12 steps, when worked properly, have worked so well for so many.  Anyone with a substance use disorder of any kind is welcome to attend. 

  •  Tuesday 7:00 PM Serenity Meeting: This meeting is based on the serenity recovery bible. It covers how the spiritual side of the 12-step program lines up with scripture. 

  • Wednesday 6:00 AA Meeting for women in recovery discussion from the woman's view

  • Wednesday 7:00 PM Bible Study in-depth group discussion and teaching of biblical principles.

  • Thursday 7:00 PM  Experience Strength and Hope (ESH) group discussion of the AA program 

  • Friday 7:00 PM  Experience Strength and Hope (ESH) group discussion of the AA program 

  • Saturday 7:30 Narcotics Anonymous group discussion 

  • Sunday 8:30 AM AA Experience Strength and Hope (ESH) group discussion of the AA program 

  • Sunday 3:00 Life Church Watch Party

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