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Hi, my name is Chris Hopper. I am the founder of Hopper Recovery Center. As a recovered all-aholic. Yes, you read that right all-aholic. I found my addictive personality manifested itself with anything that changed the way I felt. After working in several 12-step programs along with spiritual programs I found permanent recovery. In a nutshell, I have obtained not only recovery, but I am happy in my recovery.   

I have learned happiness and contentment are the keys to my long-term sobriety. I also, know that it is by the Spirit of God and helping others recover that I enjoy life and no longer need substances to change the way I feel. 

It is no wonder that I am passionate about helping others. Our program has a clear-cut method that works. Your donations will allow us to continue this great work God has assigned to us. 

Notice: We are a hybrid organization which means we are a non-profit built on top of a For- profit business model. We want to offer sponsors and Donors the freedom to donate inside of our organization with the benefits of Tax Exemption.

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Our Story

My wife and I started the HOPPER HOUSE on May 20, 2020 in the middle of the covid pandemic. God inspired us to invest everything we had into the Passion that her and I share. That passion is helping in the recovery of suffering alcoholics and drug addicts. Those with addiction have a spiritual illness that manifests as mental and physical illness. We also, help those that just need a new chance at Life. 

We started with one building in 2020 and now have reached the blessing of 9 facilities continuously helping over 40 clients. The challenge we face is reaching out to more suffering addicts. To be more effective we require additional staffing, among other things. Your tax-deductible donation will help. God bless.

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