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Frankly Analyze The Past As We Now See It

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Yes, there is a long period of reconstruction ahead. We must take the lead. A remorseful mumbling that we are sorry won’t fill the bill at all. We ought to sit down with the family and frankly analyze the past as we now see it, being very careful not to criticize them. Their defects may be glaring, but the chances are that our own actions are partly responsible. So we clean house with the family, asking each morning in meditation that our Creator show us the way of patience, tolerance, kindliness and love.

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Unknown member
Aug 03, 2021

To reconstruct ones life is the true meaning of being re born.! By the Grace of God I have found that re birth and want to show all who are willing to join us as we trudge the HAPPY ROAD OF DESTINY

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