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San Angelo couple leading road to recovery through ‘Hopper House’

San Angelo, Texas — Chris and Brandy Hopper run ‘Hopper House’ in San Angelo which they started to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer with addiction. Brandy and Chris Hopper have run hopper house for around a year now

“We started with one room, redoing the whole room, and we would finish a room and God would fill it, we would finish a room and God would fill it. and it got to the point where we had a waiting list,” Brandy Hopper with Hopper House said.

The first apartments the Hopper’s used for their rehabilitation houses ten people and from that early waiting list they realized they needed more space which they now have in a community center that can house 30 people.

“We have a whole community of sober living, we have 40 beds, and we have a meeting center now that we are starting up,” Chris Hopper with Hopper House said.

Hopper House is a place for those with addiction to get on the road to recovery; a road Brandy and Chris know all too well.

“The rate for recovery is not great, t took me three times. My clean date 7/16/2015 and it took three times for me to get that,” Brandy said.

Chris on the other hand found himself incarcerated four times, Nine months after being released and starting his sobriety he says God started to take focus for him and he realized his purpose: to teach people how to gain sobriety by what he calls changing their addictive thinking patterns.

“Then our behaviors behind those thinking patterns, then we can become more righteous, more successful and more spiritual. Whenever I stop caring and thinking about only myself, then I can start pushing into recovery,” Chris said.

Brandy and Chris say addiction is a major issue in San Angelo, but they also get people looking for help from all over West Texas.

“We get them from not just San Angelo, we’ve been getting them from Amarillo, El Paso and Abilene, they’re coming,” Brandu said.

While there are good times in helping people to sobriety there also tough ones.

“There are some that we have to let go about their way until they’re ready. That is the big thing in our life, it’s such a teachable moment to see people fail, and to see people gain life,” Chris explained.

For Brandy Hopper, seeing someone take the step to recover and see that light switch for them is why she does it.

“To see their progress, it is life changing. It just keeps us going,” Brandy said.

If you are looking to start your own road to recovery Brandy and Chris Hopper say all you have to do is call 325-276-1978 they are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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Miembro desconocido
03 ago 2021

Dedication and commitment have continued to outline a program for my wife and I. thanks be to God for allowing to be a walking testimony for what God through recovery can do.!

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