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Community Service Opportunities

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I share this photo with one purpose and intent.

It becomes super easy to get complacent and ungrateful. It only takes a few weeks and you will start to forget just how blessed and loved you are here at the Hopper House. You get healthy and start to feel better. That alcoholic mind will start to tell you things will be different this time. I know, because mine told me the same thing and this is what i ended up looking like 2 weeks after I left. Your in a really great place with people who love you and truly care about your life. Get off your butt show the God of your understanding and The Hoppers some appreciation for your new start and a new life. I love you guys..stay out of self and help someone else..a little community service may just save your life.

Frank Franco
Chris  hopper
Sharon Griffin
Chris  hopper
Chris hopper
Sep 17, 2022

Awesome, thanks fer your insight. We love all y’all. Although this post could have been In join the team because that’s a perfect reason why people should JOIN THE TEAM.



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